Downtown Rybnik

I was browsing through my Lightroom catalog from Worldwide Photowalk, to see if there are any usable images still there, and found this urbanscape. It was taken for an HDR, 5 photos with one step exposure difference, as I wanted to make sure I retain all the detail in the structure of the beautiful thunderstorm clouds, hanging over Rybnik that day. But I felt it needed some more. I played with white balance, and really liked the bluish color in the sky. But it didn’t look that good on the buildings, so I thought how to change it back. After all, local adjustments in Lightroom don’t have the option to change color balance. Well, it turned out that painting yellow was sufficient to bring the worm tones back, where it was necessary. As the afterthought, I painted it on the street lamp which was my subject of the photo. It helped keep it same as the smaller lamp in the back, and connect them together. But most importantly, it really put focus on the lamp up front.