Empty plate

This image was intended for black and white. Well, truth be told, it has rather miraculously avoided being deleted. Who would keep an image of the empty plate with leftovers of the cake? It was probably made as few exposure checking the conditions before taking a picture of the real subject. I cannot even recall the situation now. Yet, the lack of color and any color contrast made it perfect for black and white.

So since I kept it and found it buy accident last week, it is getting posted today. It drew my attention, because of the light contrast. I really like how the light barely defines the shape of the plate and the fork, just enough to show what it is, but not to reveal too much details of the environment. If this picture was not underexposed from the start, the atmosphere of mystery would not be there.

To learn more about creating evocative black and white images, check those great e-books:
“The power of black and white” by Piet Van den Eynde
“Creative B&W processing techniques” by Guy Tal