End of summer- harvest season

Today was a preset day. I went back to my images from last weekend’s Old Threshers Reunion in Mt Pleasant, Iowa. I had a number of photographs from the presentation of steam harvest machines. On one side, there was a haze from the steaming water. On the other, the dust from flying chaff. Especially this part fel much like end of summer in my grandma’s place, where everybody form the village was helping in the harvest on communal fields. We are talking Poland close to 20 years ago.

I wanted to add this summer in hot sun feeling to the image, and I knew I have a few Presets in my collection to let me do that quickly. Nicole Young’s Sun Flare/Cross process was the one I finally decided on, although Sweet Tea was also a runner up.

The preset not only wormed the tones, but also gave this nostalgia feeling to the image which represents passed time. The old, rusty machines, they are gone now. Although I do not feel that the harvest is cleaner then it used to be.