Feed birds – recommended

Change of subject on blog, again. Finally, I convinced my husband to the zoo trip. As most of the photographers (at least those writing books for beginners) say- best place to photograph wildlife is … local zoological garden. Yeah. I am sure none of them lived in Midwest, with one zoo in the state, or closest just past the state line. And they did not consider how many fences, wires and stuff you can put between animals and people in such zoo. And, of course, that in summer heat here, all the animals would be more inclined to hide in the shade, in the furthest corner. I guess this subject will come back on the blog later.

Anyway, there was also something in the zoo I simply loved. You enter aviary with parrots, you can buy 1$ small container with feed, and…. you have parrots posing for you on your own or your partner arms! Excellent….

Feeding birds