Finding subjects

If somebody asks me, what I like photographing the most, I usually say flowers and airplanes. Yes, I do realize that those subjects are far apart. Yet this is just what I find the most fascinating. And I do not have a chance to photograph them often enough.

The problem is availability of those subjects. I have an occasion to photograph air shows no more then a couple times a year, and add few events in the aeroclub, and that’s it. I photograph flowers probably equally often. Where I live, there are no public gardens with flowers, just grass and trees everywhere and no botanic garden within 70 miles. Cut flowers are expensive and well, short lived. I gave myself a bit more occasions this year by planting some wild flowers around the house. It is still not a subject to photograph all year long. And I would like to pick my camera and just photograph something every other day!

Thus, I sometimes struggle to find subject. There is really not much to go outside for right now. Maybe, when the snow finally comes. For now, it is just yellow-brown everywhere and nothing to draw the eye on Iowa prairies and fields. That’s why in winter I tend to photograph more food. Staying in the house and cook something to photograph seems like the best option. If I only liked cooking…

How about you? Do you struggle to find subjects to photograph in the winter, when the weather doesn’t cooperate? How do you find subjects to shoot just to have a camera in your hands and not loose “the touch”?