Forozen history

Well, maybe not exactly frozen, if you think literally about it. The history stopped in a piece of amber is certainly frozen in time, preserved as it was. I really like amber, for its warm feel- both in color and in touch. And love how the light goes through it, and the variety of objects caught in it through the ages. Some maybe really, really old, from when there was no human on the Earth yet, and some might be quite recent. I remember walking on the shores of Baltic, looking for tiny pieces of amber which water left on the beaches. However, this beautiful piece I found in Adubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium, when I visited New Orleans last week. Wish I had more control over the light, but I was still lucky to be able to use the glass of the box to stabilize the camera and get this as sharp as it is.

Mosquitos in piece of amber, Audubon Insectarium, New Orleans, Louisiana