Golden Supreme Cub and golden hour

It seems I have been gone from the blog for too long. Some of you started to visit the site less often – I see the slow drop in the number of visits in Google Analytics. First, I went for short vacation to Airventure, with no wi-fi access; then, I just needed to get my head around the pictures I took there. I think I already came to terms with what come out of my photographic plans, and mostly what did not, and start posting the “keepers”.

Some statistics- I took surprisingly little images this time, coming back home with barely over 1600 images. I had a Nikon D3s and Sigma 50-500 mm lens rented from LensRentals, and even if I did not found the weight of it too fatiguing, the sharpness of the images was really hit and miss. After first round, just 600 stayed. Out of that, maybe 50 are to write home about. Or post on blog, so stay tuned over the next days and weeks.

This is one of those simple images I just keep coming back to. I photographed this little Supreme Cub in the “fly in” section of the camping, where we went after missing the balloon lunch. I love those airplanes on floats, the only connection of aviation to my favorite element- water. It was still early in the day, thus this warm tones,

Let me end this post with quick airplane photography tip. How did I knew what type of airplane that is? I had, and try to photograph for most airplanes, the “tail number”. You can then look them up on Google, and it will tell you all kinds of information. Unless you really know your airplanes, this is a great help when working with images later.

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