Gooseberries in a bowl

Another shot from the garden series. I started from taking several shots of gooseberries on the bush. But I wanted something more “creative”, and more like food then nature shot. The gooseberries were still too hard to eat, as they are still ripening in the June sun, but I got permission to pick some fruit for my photo project. I found this small bowl with green flower pattern on it in the cupboard. At first, I thought it might be too decorative, but then I figured it will match gooseberries green color, and it may actually work. Especially that I chose to use the garden wooden table as a simple backdrop. The biggest problem for me was to make the single berries outside the bowl to look naturally dropped, I completely don’t have the eye for that… But here is the resulting image, with just a bit of my typical post-processing- Clarity, Vibrance and Vignette.