Hawkeye L29s

With last week stay in New York City, the preceding photographing airplanes during Quad Cities Airshow just got lost. I suppose I will be back to some more images from The Big Apple, but this week I want to post some of my favorites airplane shots. This is a formation of two L29s in Hawkeye’s colors, owned by University of Iowa (where I work, by the way :) ). They are part of Operator Performance Laboratory, I link it for anybody who wants to know more about it.
I really enjoy watching and photographing flights in formation. I do realize that the closeness of the machines is just an optical illusion, but it still doesn’t cease to amaze me. And the gracefulness of the maneuvers. The sky was a bit boring that day, luckily, those airplanes have enough color (and contrasting enough color) to make up for it.