How the approach to my gear changed

I wanted to write a post about my photo gear probably from I day I started this blog. It is one of the post (or pages) you see on almost any blog. The post would typically consist of impressive list of bodies, lenses, cool accessories. And I guess that is how I wanted to write this post more than two years ago.
I am not sure about it anymore. Yeah, then I had just one body, couple of lenses and a few filters. I suppose there would be a bigger stack to talk about and show now. But the truth is, my attitude towards the stuff changed. Then, I could pack everything I owned to go shooting in the park across the street. I would probably stop a couple of times to change the lens or put another filter on. Right now, I am at the point that I will still pack everything I own when we take off for a longer trip. But the single outing, I would usually put a single lens on, look outside the window to see if I could use a polarizer, and just go. If I have a day I feel like shooting Lensbaby, I made a decision what aperture I want to use, and leave all other lenses and apertures at home (or hotel). If I want to shoot in infrared, I set my camera just for that, stuck up filters and take a tripod. Again, there are exceptions, and there are situations I would take my Fisheye or 30 mm f/1.4 lens with me, although I am planning on using my 18-200 mm zoom primarily. But that’s it. A lens, or two if I feel undecided.
Since I got 16 Gb card, and I can fit more then 750 images on a card, it is sufficient even for a day long trip- I do not need to carry spare cards anymore. More and more, I do not carry any camera bag with me at all. ThinkTank Quick Changer is often filled with my wallet and pocket tissues, then filters and additional lenses. Did it changed the way I shoot? Probably. I think it makes me think ahead at least what types of images I want to shoot that day, if not what particular shots I want to come back with. Good start for more intentional photography.