Importance of check list

Couple of weeks ago, our local camera club organized a photo session in a city greenhouse. Just under two hours shooting, with tripods, lights, and whatever else you decided to bring with you. I packed a day before (late, after coming back from long day seminar, and that’s my only excuse). I was convinced that I have all I will need, only to find out a minute when I got there and seen other setting up, that I not only did not think of bringing a spray bottle with water, which is not a tragedy- this can always be borrowed. Most importantly, I did not think to take my cable release!

As soon as I came home, I noted all the items I had and all the items I should have, so next time I need to pack for macro shot, nothing gets forgotten.

Macro Shoot Check List

  • camera
  • spare batteries
  • spare cards
  • macro lens
  • Lensbaby lens
  • macro kit for Lensbaby
  • cable release
  • tripod
  • spray bottle (with water)
  • backgrounds
  • reflector or white foam core

Some of those items are macro specific, some would go with me on any photo trip. Is there anything else I am forgetting? Do you prepare check lists when you pack for your next photo shoot? Share in the comments.

Some more tips on how to prepare for macro shot you can find in this post from Mike Moats on his Tiny Landscapes blog.