Church interior thoughts

There was an interesting discussion recently on Lightroom Killer Tips blog about ethic of photographing church interiors. It was a particular situation where the tripods were not allowed in the full of tourists NY church and a funny story of deceiving the guard. But the truth be told, churches are perfect for HDR shots. Especially with those colorful stained glass windows, which give incredible patterns of lights. Well, not the case with the church on today’s blog post. It is a fairly old church, about 150 years, but the old windows were renovated (or replaced) less then 50 years ago. Our luck, the doors of the church were open, like in many cases around Poland. It was also completely empty, so nobody was bothered by setting up the tripod or repeated shutter releases. The resulting image has the incredible architectural detail, you can see every single brick making up the columns along main isle. The height of the ceiling was always stunning to me in churches like it, and I couldn’t (and still cannot ;) ) resist staring at the very top, looking at whatever is painted there. And I was always disappointed that they do not read any more sermons from the gallery in the middle on the left.