Inside Old Capitol

I took this image during 5th Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk in Iowa City. It started raining heavily at one point, so we hid to wait through it in Old Capitol. Whenever I go there, those old stairs fascinate me. The way they curve on the way up, you just have to stop and see what picture can be taken this time. I have posted another image of those stairs from previous walk here. This time, I knew better that the image is all about shape and lines, and went for B&W right away.

And if you have few minutes to spare, go and look at all the images people all around world took during the Photowalk here. There is probably more than 1300 of them, since this is how many photo walk were organized this year. You can vote for any or all of those images, there is still People’s Choice award to be given away. My image is the last on the page 7 ;).