Is blogging dying?

I observed a curious decrease in blogging recently. First, I thought it was just holiday season. After all, photography is not a hobby for everybody, some people do it as a job. Plus, most of people have families to spend this time with around Christmas and New Year. Unlike many, I had more time to spend with my RSS reader then usual. But the feed barely filling up with new content till the end of December. Then, the January started, and the trend did not seem to reverse at all. Some of my favorite blogs went AWOL. Some were just having one-two posts a week. At the same time, I saw those bloggers putting stuff on Twitter, where I spend hardly any time, maybe 5-10 min twice a day to quickly scan what is going on. Maybe just those who were my favorite bloggers moved on. Got busy with family lives or got another photography challenge, trip or assignment. Which would mean I need to clean-up my feed and replace it with fresh authors. But it still feels like those days, everybody is putting stuff on Twitter or has a Daily something. Is blogging so last year?

About todays image- I was being convinced by my husband, that a photography blog needs to have photographs in each and every post. Well, how can you photograph blogging? I can think of a person sitting in front of computer for example, but I do not work with models and certainly don’t care to post autoportraits. So, how can you photograph blogging without a person? Not an easy task, I suppose, because a quick search in nether Shutterstock nor iStock did not generate anything better then images similar to the one above and millions of illustrations of RRS feed. Something to think about.

UPDATE- worth listening to, more professional voice in the discussion can be found at Copyblogger. It is a shame I discovered in March 2011,