Is it just a pepper?

I am sure most of you are familiar with at least some of the work of Edward Weston. If not, I strongly suggest taking a look at Edward Weston Spotlight on Faded & Blurred blog. His attention to detail and shape made his really find extraordinary in ordinary. I am still impressed by the sensual, partially hidden in shadows image of pepper, among others.

While I am no match for the Master, I challenged myself to a pepper image. I was not staring at Edward Weston image for hours before taking on the task, rather, I had a vague recollection what it looked like. I wanted to be inspired, not to copy.

I put this yellow pepper on the kitchen table, and positioned the way it reminded of human body. Head hidden in the broad shoulders, legs bend, and only the back extending into the spotlight. Do you see that, too?

I dimmed most of lights in the house, and just worked with a flashlight. It took many tries to get the effect I was after.

Yellow pepper in the dark