It rains

I am feeling down. It must be the weather, although curling on the sofa with two cats and a husband does not sund like the worst way to spent the long weekend. I just perefer being outside, and the constant rain and thunderstorm made it almost impossible this time.

It affects my 365 photo project as well. My creativity feels like staying on the sofa with me, and we all know it does not helping taking pictures. Any pictures, neither good or bad ones. I start feeling about taking pictures every day frustrating, at best. Trying to find a balance between impossibility to create great images day after day with the temptation to just snap a random photo of something just to do it. Each day I feel like I should do more, work on it more, and I end up disappointed with the results, anyway. It probably is a good quote to keep in mind for situations like that:

“ Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop. “
Ansel Adams

To process this random image I took yesterday on the walk between rain and another rain with my iPhone, I used probably 5 different presets from Dave Dalnea collection. That’s the beauty of the presets – you can overlay one over the other. However, at the end of the frenzy, you have no idea which one generated the final look…

Rain drops on green leaves