It’s all about tulips

We like to go to Pella for (or just around) the Tulip Time. People look at me weird when I say at- after all, it’s just one of those festivals, you go, see the town, see the parade, eat the Dutch letter, cross it off your list. At yet, we go (almost) each year.¬†

For me, it is not about the parade and crowded square and waiting an hour and a half in a line to get lunch. It is a first outdoor event of the season, a first chance to really get out of the house and do something outside. It is also about having something very colorful and exciting to photograph in all it’s abundance. Such a variety of colors, shapes, types – who would think a simple tulip comes in so many varieties?

To make the point, we went on Sunday this year, and hit the square before leftover  Tulip Timers got up.