It’s really called Green frog

The frogs (Green frogs or Rana clamitans) startled us last weekend, when we got to our friends cabin on the Mississippi river. At first, I wasn’t sure why the rocks are moving. Until I got lower and saw that the “rocks” are green and their eyes stick slightly out of the water.

Frieds daughter ius the one to never let any creature just pass without closer examination. It was her who is ultimately responsible for this image, and the fact that it is black and white. She caught one of those frogs and brought it over. I snapped few images before the frog was released. Yet, I had to do something with the pink swim suit, in which the frog was presented to us at the table.

After reading “Dodge and Burn” last week, I probably spent good half an hour adding countless adjustment brushes and grad filters to polish this image. I start to enjoy the process, now that I understand what a huge difference it makes.