Just going out, shooting

Recently, I do a lot of walking in my town. For two reasons- health is one of them, and the other is gathering material for “365 project”. Since my project does not have a theme, I just go out with one lens, and look around me for subjects for interesting images. Each day, I am trying to discover new things. Like white balusters or red berries I posted last week. I never know what I will be shooting, really, although a choice of lens limits me sometimes. It is sometimes frustrating, when cloudy day offers boring light, or exciting, when setting sun shines through icicles. It all seems to be summarized in this quote by Jay Maisel:

“The joy of going out and not knowing what you are gonna shoot is a wonderful adventure”
Jay Maisel

I will be sharing today over Social Media accounts a short (a bit over 7 min long) YouTube video about Jay. When I first saw this movie, I was trying to write down all of great quotes about his approach to photography, but there were just too many. Better see the whole thing for yourself. Check out my stream on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Autumn leave cought in ice