This is an image of, I think, a bird called common kestrel, or Falco tinnunculus, simply pustulka in Polish. It was a challenge to identify it, so if I made a mistake, let me know!
I took it last weekend in Szczeliniec, while we were hiking in the beautiful area of Table Mountains (Gory Stolowe). I was busy photographing the panoramic view from one of the viewing areas, when somebody noticed this bird, flying to his nest in the rock. I turned and snapped this image quickly, so I am rather surprised how well it turned. It was shod in the middle of the day in really sunny weather. But with a basic post processing, I was able to make the bird the lightest object on the image, and stand out from all the green trees. I also love how the trees went blurry, when I zoomed the lens to its max 200 mm. With a longer lens (or cropping) I might have made a bird more pronounced on this image, but I like this as an environmental shot. See, if you can spot its nest a little lower and to the right of the bird.