Lampost in Washington Square Park

Some time ago, I watched this video of Kirby Ferguson talking about creativity and how it uses whatever material it has to make something new out of it. Putting another spin on it, it’s like in this biblical prase:

“There is nothing new under the sun”
Ecclesiastes 1:9

Yesterday, I couldn’t agree more. I was browsing through my RSS feed in the evening, scrolling through this post by James Maher on DPS, talking about winter photography tricks. And here I saw the image I could swear was taken from my Lightroom library.

Now, of course it wasn’t, but I went there and found the image anyway. Tomasz took it a long time ago, also in New York, but not in Central Park in winter, but in Washington Square Park in the summer. You can tell that it is different, but you can also see similarities.