Late fall

Am I taking too many of those pictures with reflections in the water?
If yes, for my excuse, I like water, and I am lucky enough to live in a water rich area. No wonder whenever we take a hike, it will be either on one of the lakes, or one of the rivers. This one is on the Cedar River, in one of my favorite parks in the area- Kepler Palisades.
I feel this image would work in both horizontal and vertical frame. Yet, I chose the landscape view and feel to this image. The sunset colors added a bit warmth to otherwise sad brown surroundings. The tree trunks created lines and added interest by breaking the pattern of flowing water.
For post processing, I added contrast and just a touch of vibrance, and hardly noticeable vignette. If there is one thing constituting my style, it is a vignette I add to each and every image. And yet, I bet you never notice…