Light and shadow over Iowa

I wish i had posted this image yesterday, on Wordless Wednesday. Not that I have nothing to say about the image. I do, just words do not find me today.

Another one of my aerials. It is the way for me to enjoy flying, in spite of fact how afraid of it I am. Keeping the camera to my eyes makes it manageable. There are some issues, though. First, I am shooting through some thick green glass – hence the cast I did not totally remove in my previous post. But this is something manageable, when you remember about it. The way I handle lack of contrast due to haze is the discovery of my Google Plus mentorship program – Digital Zone System lumosity masks. Love them, they are so easy to use and make huge difference. The biggest issue is the angle at which I have to take photos. I am flying in low wing, so I cannot just look down – I always have to have this side-view perspective. Drives me nuts, some patterns, like large neighbourhood of houses, just do not want to look as good!

Farm and land under clouds