After last week escapades, and another, short one planned for tomorrow, it was stay at home weekend this week. I ordered a bouquet of flowers, which my husband delivered ;), and took some time to find a decent natural light to take few photos. Everything was working agains me, since I also do not have, at this time, a lens close up work. I sold it about a month ago, which is story for another post. All I was left with was Lensbaby, which I have not used in a while with its macro kit.

I took it as a challenge, and decided, once more, to try focus stacking technique. The first few times it did not work for me. I think, at least until I get really familiar with the technique of taking pictures for focus stacking, I am not going to try to handhold. I know there are people who can do this (have you seen this interview with snowflake photographer Don Komarechka at This time, having camera on the tripod, made all the difference. I placed the flower in the distance that middle petals were in focus roughly in the middle of the move of the focusing ring. And then I was taking picture every half turn. It worked like a charm! And the Photoshop part of it is a pice of cake.

White and pink lillies on green background

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