Loops in Bonanza

When we fly places, Beechcraft Bonanza is the model we often hear on the radio. They are quite popular, even called “limousine of the sky” – the airplane to get you there, quite fast at it. But doing aerobatics in it? Well, it turns out Bonanza’s are in “utility” category, certified to 4G. And while this by itself does not mean you can take it out to the sky to play, there is a little over hundred of Bonanzas if my count is correct which were certified to do aerobatics. While rare, it is a beautiful view at the the airshow, the grace in which this airplane flies maneuvers. Take a look at the gallery of the images. Please click on any of them to open larger version in the Lightbox and use rows to scroll through gallery. And as always, if you want to leave comment, visit Korwel Photography Google Plus or Facebook pages!