#Macro Monday- lone red leaf

Today’s Macro Monday theme was “Inspired by poetry”. Difficult by itself, the theme poses additional challenge for somebody 1) not really into poetry 2) not familiar with American poetry. Not that it would be easier for me to find a matching poem in Polish. Also, it probably should be the other way around, find a poem, shoot it. Yet, I had just the perfect image for today.

It was early last week, when I took my camera and wanted to shoot a bit more autumn images before all the leaves are gone. Not much came of it, since it was raining almost every day. But when I got out into the building, I saw this red leaf on the side of the car. The contrast of color and texture made me stop and shoot it.

And I have even found the perfect poem for it.

A single leaf makes its own history.
Attached to the bough from which it
sprung it is a perfect entity.

jerry hughes