Macro Monday – tiny whiptail lizard

And I am back to blogging. After two really hectic weeks, I finally got back from vacation and work-related trip just two days later, caught up on some sleep and ready to go with my life. And blog.

Photographing an animal perfectly adjusted to its environmental and blending in with it is not as easy task as it sounds. Those tiny lizards were everywhere when we hiked the trails of Colorado National Monument. Their color matched perfectly the surrounding rock and dirt, and I had to separate it from the background by light and shadow rather then by color, even in black and white.

The lizards varied in size from the length of my fingers to maybe 10 inches. This one was of the finger variety and watched us from the rock shelf, ready to run. As long as you do not stand between the lizard and the sun, it will not run though. I was able to change the lens to my macro and snap away for a good while before it left.