#MacroMonday – Cornflower fantasy

I have a small flower bed in front of my house. It is a third year I planted it with some nature macro photography subjects :). Yet, I did not have much luck this year, since the assortment seed bag I bought had almost exclusively cornflowers. It was fun for a while, but then I almost could not look at them anymore (and I will probably stay away from seeds from this company next year!).

Here is, however, an image from this garden showing how the point of view can influence the perception of the scene. My flower bed is probably less then 5 inches wide, and roughly a yard long. Yet, I took this image of the single flower with many in the blurred background, as if it was isolated from a large field, full of blue cornflowers. It reminds me of summers spend at my grandmas’s place, where cornflowers were, well, wildflowers, sparse in the wheat fields.