Mississippi in Minneapolis

This panorama was on hold for a while. I was using Zoomify to prepare and present panoramas on blog previously, but with Lion update, the Mac client stopped working. I was looking for a similar tool, without much luck. Until this weekend, when I asked my husband for help. When he was done Googling, the only solution promising was PanoJS project, open source code which required some work to build plug-in for WordPress. On Sunday evening, programming magic was done, and I can display again panoramic images, where you can look at many details of the image and the view by zooming in and scrolling. Have fun!

This panorama is a view of Mississippi in Minneapolis, Minnesota from the top of Mill City Museum. You can see St. Anthony’s falls, dam, remnants of the water intakes for multiple mills, railroad bridge now used as pedestrian mall, Pillsbury mill on the other side. It is also the example of midday photograph which works, without HDR and other tricks. It is a set of single exposures, merged together in Photoshop.