MoMA – inspriration within

I have spend most of last week visiting NYC. I enjoy city from time to time. It is a chance for me to to wander aimlessly, take pictures- of people, of architecture. It is also great occasion to catch up on “urban stuff”. For many people it means shopping, for me- it means museums and stuff. I would long be bored by static museums (there are years I am in NYC city twice), if it wasn’t for MoMA. I don’t think you can visit this place two times and see the same thing (unless you go every week). This time, I was excited about O’Keeffe (and ended up disappointed) and Walker Evans, there was some interesting stuff in New Photography and the big thing Magritte (totally not my cup of tea). While there, I was also exploring some of the building interior, photographically.

MoMA interior 1

MoMA interior 2