Need to photograph

I took two walks yesterday. During the day, I had my film camera with me. On first click, I finished the film and got left with nothing for the bigger part of the walk. When we entered more wooded area, there was a young deer, observing us from behind a patch of violet flower. It was so interesting, colorful and photographic, I was very upset I could not take a picture. As if the proof in the form of the picture would make the experience more valid.

But is doesn’t, does it? I only need to find the balance between stopping by “to smell the roses” and making sure I use my camera every day to record something about the world around me. Sometimes, just seeing has value in itself, just enjoying the scene.

Later that day, I was rewarded with another photographic opportunity. There was this sparrow, surrounded by (purple again) blooming clovers…

Sparrow among blooming clovers