New camera system preview- Fujifilm X-T1

Couple of years ago, my right arm gave up. I was in so much discomfort, I did not feel like holding my Nikon D800. After all, with the zoom lens, it is 63 oz, 1.7 kg. It got better, and I started shooting a bit more this year, even got back to blogging. At the same time, I am considering moving to some lighter camera system. I was thinking of mirrorless for a while. Two weeks ago, I finally took some steps to refine the choices. Reading up reviews on all the Pentaxes, Sonys, Fujifilm and others, Fujifilm X-T1 and new one, Fujifilm X-T2, seems to score highly. Checking just few things off my features list, those are light, have interchangeable lenses, X-T2 is 24 Mpx. What sold me to Fujifilm was going to the store and comparing, holding camera in my hand, the availability of the settings in the menu vs on the buttons. I love all those buttons and how quickly you can set almost all you need when out there shooting on Fujifilm.

I borrowed X-T1 for a weekend trip to Kansas City to see how will it work in practice. The T-X2 was not available.

I loved it. It holds well in my hand, although my husband feels it is a bit too small for his grip. I tend to shoot in Aperture priority mode, and I felt it was so much easier to dial in exposure adjustment than on my D800. I loved exposure “preview” before pressing the shutter, and with histogram right there, you almost cannot get it wrong. Had no issues with focus, which was apparently issue early with those cameras, must have been fixed later.

Here are some example images – you can click to see larger versions. The first one was taken at high ISO setting (6400), most others are at 200 or 400 (you can see metadata in you put cursor over the image). I am positively surprised by lack of “colored noise” in the high ISO image, although the grain is clearly visible.

The second one was taken with 60 mm macro lens, and the third – at the long end of the 18-135 mm zoom lens. Just to get some idea.

I have not made the decision yet. The availability and choice of the lenses will be one factor. I still need to read and think about off camera lights. Flashes? Radio controlled?

Will keep you posted. Meantime, if you have any comments on Fujifilm X-T1, let me know below!