Oak Alley Plantation

I have recently read new, free e-book form Craft & Vision, and an interesting article by David DuChemin about studying each image in black & white to see better what is going on in the image. It makes you think about your images, also those in color, in a different way. So, when I got down to work on this image I took at the Oak Alley Plantation, I was thinking what is most important and interesting on this image. Yes, the natation, of course, but also those magnificent trees. I knew the dramatic shapes of branches would work great in black and white. WHat I did not see while the image was still in color, was the texture of the leaves, caused by the difference between sun-lit and shadowed places.

On the side note, unless you really want to waste $20 per person, I suggest you take your oak alley photo of this plantation from the road (a medium telephoto will do) and go visit another plantation. You will not learn much here…

With two of us, I have the feeling it constitutes the most expensive image I ever payed to take.

Oak Alley Plantation, Vacherie, LA