Observing the land from above

Five years after the flood of 2008, Iowa City is getting ready for another big one. This time, nobody waits for the dam to overflow, the procedures to protect the university buildings were put in place quickly. Now, it looks the dam will not overflow.

A friend of mine took me up in his Taylorcraft to take a look at the dam and the city from above. Taylorcraft is almost perfect for the purpose, high wing airplane, with a passenger window easy to open to remove distorting glass. As much as I am afraid of flying, such occasions result in amazing experience and enen better pictures- the world looks so different.

To see how the flood threatens the Iowa City area, take a look at the gallery on the Green Castle aeroclub Facebook page. Here, are few of other images I took that evening. The weather finally cleared, and there were the occasional puffy clouds, creating this amazing effect of light and shadow.

A field with a tree

Above the trees

A farm

Over US 218