Old Fort Madison

Several thoughts after Saturday’s, superb photo walk. One, I cannot handle wide open just yet. Using Lensbaby with f/5.6 and zoom f/3.5-5.6 set no lower then f/5.6 increased a number of keepers. Significantly. Second, I don’t know how to take pictures with 35 mm lens. Using my 18-200 mm, I came back with enough different pictures, views, landscapes and details. It either better suits my style, or I need to work more with prime lens. I use it from time to time, mostly when I need to shorten the shutter speed, but as far as composition is concerned- it is still a challenge for me. Either way, this was my first really good photographic day this summer, and I needed this bust of confidence. And, having all those different photos, I decided to try a photo essay. Let’s take a look at life in a military fort at the beginning of 19th century.

Fort Madison