Old Town Market square at night

This was a surprisingly challenging image to prepare for blog. I love the composition, with the cobble stone lied space leading up to the restaurants and cafes filled Old Town Market in Warsaw. And the light star (or two stars) on the right add some interest to the cityscape as well.
But back to problems. It was a wide angle, fisheye shot, so first I wanted to correct the lens distortion a little bit. It usually results in loss of image corners, and the direction of correction this time, it was impossible just to add some space to the canvass to retain it (Photoshop work, for this one). Secondly, the city lights seems to have two different casts- yellow and green. I like the warm light color, but the green cast is driving me nuts. I really wish I used X-Rite passport on those night photos to solve the problem instantly. Lesson learned for next time. Meantime, no White Balance choice looked good enough. I settled for Daylight, and because the image has no whole bunch of different colors, I adjusted the single tones saturation selectively (lowered yellow, and took down aqua and green).