On vertical frames

Salvia fields

Brooks Jensesn wrote an interesting article not so long ago on LensWork Daily Blog. He described a simple exercise of looking at the amount of horizontal and vertical frames you shoot. His rate was 3:1 (three time more horizontal frame) and many photographers who commented under the post had the same.

I went and checked my rate, it is is more 4.5 :1. I have a tendency to shoot even more horizontal frames than more, possibly, experienced photographers. Something to keep in mind and try to control. As well known stock photographer and photography educator Bryan Peterson says:

“The best time to take vertical picture is right after the horizontal”
Bryan Petersen

And there is some truth to that, since many pictures will look equally good both ways. In fact, in this short video, Bryan Petereson explains in more creative terms when you definitely want to turn the camera and take vertical frame.

To illustrate this post, I used last week image of lavender. On one of our evening walks, there was beautiful light, as it often is, late in a day. We walked around the main street in town, where they planted beds and beds of salvia, beautifully blooming in purple and just asking to be photographed. Right behind those few rows of flowers, there was one of the busiest crossing in town. None of it influences the calm mood of the scene.