On White balance

There was some talking on white balance on this blog already. But this time it is going to be less technical. More on what I think and how I feel about it.
Reading blogs, you can divide photographers into two major schools. One will tell you to keep your Auto Balance on. Especially if you shoot RAW. The other will tell you absolutely not to do it. I was able to find some blog posts on that one. Example might be recent post by Rob Sheppard and his older post (UPDATE- the links are not available anymore, Rob Sheppard blog archive is currently only from June 2010). And I don’t disagree with what he says, and at the same time, I am not doing it.
What I do is shoot RAW, and use software to adjust white balance it in post. The usual way is to use a White Balance tool color picker to adjust color to white element on the image in Lightroom. Not always works, obviously. Sometimes, I will fix it to my liking by dragging sliders if there is no reference point. Sometimes, I would not worry about it at all. In my landscape work, I adjust it to what I think looks best for the scene rather then going for absolute depiction.
The one thing I am missing this way is that simple changing to colder or warmer white balance, drastic change, can have a beautiful artistic effect on the photograph. Note to myself to try it from time to time.
What I also learned is that my D300 has far better with figuring out the settings than my D40x, which was wrong almost all the time, and completely not reproducible.
At the same time, there are few instances, where “correct” white balance is crucial. Food photography and product photography is what comes to my mind.
And one more thing to remember – bride dress and snow are more right exposure problems then white balance.