Orange rowan berries

I thought this colorful fall image would fit great into the mood of Thanksgiving day. After all, I am sure 99% of bloggers will be posting turkey pictures today :). And I like to be different.
It was taken “close to home”, on one of my fall photowalks. The biggest issue with posting it was to figure out the appropriate botanical name of the plant. I typically put significant effort into finding it with help of Google and couple of gardening pages (although looks like gardeners do not have as many photographers among them as food lovers). What is interesting about this particular search is that Google returned the links to rowan and other trees with bright red berries, when I asked about both orange and yellow berries. Hmm. But some more digging revealed a picture of tree called sorbus, and cross check in Wikipedia told me it is called … rowan. Rowan then it is, unless somebody proves me wrong.