Orchid garden shrine

And here I am, back in Iowa and back to blogging. I really hoped to do a few posts while out of town, but I have not for technical reasons. If you are interested what they were, check out the blog tomorrow :), I am planning a bigger post on it. But I was photographing some during that time, even if that was a professional trip. I spent whole Sunday in Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, for example. I went inside and got stuck, it was raining so hard that stepping outside ment being soaked wet. I guess that is what Washingtonians get for having temperatures in 50s and 60s in March :). But the museum was well worth it, and the special orchids exhibition was a photographic blast. I put Lensbaby on a spent there almost an hour. And left only after the smell gave me the headache.
I will be posting some images of flowers itself, but today an bit wider exhibit overview with a shrine surrounded by colorful orchids.