Organs for 500

I was thinking hard what to do special on the blog for the post 500. And it almost seems like yesterday, that there was a post 400 :). Anyway, I figured another way to get the readers of this blog to interact, if they wish to :) See below.
This image is a bit special. I have not spend so much time on a blog image in a while. I love this image. But straight from the camera, it just was so flat. It was not what I saw on the scene. I remember the light on the organs, the detail in the ceiling, and spacious room. At the least the last thing was properly rendered in the photo, due to my favorite fisheye lens. For the detail I needed help of single-exposure HDR and processing in Photomatix. To reduce the red-color cast which is a weak-point of all HDRs, I moved just about every color-related slider in Lightroom. Then I went to help my husband in the garage for few minutes, and I liked what was on the screen when I came back :). I am sure I didn’t like it before I went. Anyway, I decided to leave it that way.
But you may not agree with my vision of this image. If you would like to see how you can process it better/different, please download the dng file here, use your software of choice, and upload the finished image to the Flickr group pool I just created.