Photo hobby

My husband send me the link to this post yesterday, and I found it great. I was reading and nodding to myself. I couldn’t describe it better myself. Not only because words are not my thing. This is exactly what I feel and what I sometimes do. OK, maybe not 100%. My problem is, that my camera is so big, and I am so not used to carry a large purse or anything, that if I simply go out shopping or to the movies, camera stays behind. And then I look around, and I see all those great and fascinating photographs I could have taken… if I only had camera with me. The small wallet size point-and-shoot is actually on my list of things to buy, but always other stuff seems more .. urgent. Like Lensbaby or infrared filter. Maybe I don’t have my priorities straight. And I also know how it is to get excited about one simple subject and shoot. Something as banal as glass of water with ice can be absolutely engaging at the dinner party.

Glass and ice