Photographing spectators

I just finished reading “Taking flight” by Moose Peterson. The unexpected tip came in second to last chapter, “The men at the stick”. To not forget to photograph people involved with the whole aviation business- and these are not only pilots, mechanics and otherwise airport employees. But these are also other spectators, coming to the airshows, participating in the introductory flight, taking tours of the aircraft. They also create unique atmosphere for all aviation events.

“You’ve gotta be looking for that family watching the airshow, the unique hats and outfits, the expressive face…”
Moose Peterson “Taking flight”

Sounds familiar? It’s not unlike street photography!
And then I remembered this photograph I took during South-Eastern Iowa Airshow this past September. I did not have much time to think about it, an compose, it was a moment which required a quick snap to catch the moment. The wind in the little girls hair, her gaze on the planes flying by… I think I caught “it”.

Anyway, I cannot recommended “Taking flight” more. It is a great primer for all interested in aviation photography. And it is not an e-book in traditional understanding of this word. It is an iPad app, with text, photo galleries on almost each page, and video tutorials- quite a multimedia mix. I had great fun, and I learned a lot in the process. And.. I just noticed, during this Thanksgiving season the price of “Taking flight” went down to $9.99 (and will stay this way until November 27th, 2012).

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