Pizza garden – week 12

The day woke up cloudy. Intriguing weather, really, considering how hot and muggy it is. But it is something I could only wish for to photograph my garden on the deck. It starts looking more like a bush on the deck, and be assured, my neighbors are intrigued.
I started the session by some handheld shots, basically just looking for an interesting composition. I had a goal today, an image I wanted to achieve. I was looking for a branch with both a fruit and a flower. I wanted to show different stages of tomato life, from flower to the small fruit, on one plant. Surprisingly, I was able to find it. I played with putting both in focus, which was not that easy, even at f/11, probably size difference? When I had the perfect composition, I set up the tripod. It was worth it- in few clicks, I had what I wanted, and sharp.
Now, I am off to this weekend project. Preparing and printing backgrounds. Stay tuned.