Pizza garden – week 18

The classic example of bad planning, today morning was. I had about half of an hour left to create the blog image. And I knew it is not just going outside and shoot. I tried it before, and the shape of the pepper and backlight just don’t go along. There was far too much shadow up front. It was also not helpful that it was almost midday sun already, when I went out. I positioned pot in the shadow of awing, and wondered what to do about fill light. On-camera flash as fill was not at inviting. Off camera flash- an option, if I had no time to play. With couple of hour, sure, I could pull it off, with all theoretical knowledge I have. But I needed something working out of the box. Flashlight? Maybe, if I had new batteries handy. Quick thinking- and I got it. I took tri-grip. I mean, this is the simples light modifier. Works miracles for portrait shooters, why not on my pepper? I was amazed by the results. I honestly just played as time went by, to the right, to the left- and I was getting this beautifully light, a bit warmed by the part silver, part golden side. I will need to go back and do some more with it- there seem to be so many opportunities in this one handy item!
Meantime, let me know what you think about this dramatic light.