Pizza garden – week 20

The fall is coming to my deck garden. The tomato plants don’t particularly like the cooler nights, and fade quickly. Luckily, on the stems without leaves there are still ripening tomatos, and they are doing OK. I am going to have those bite size snacks for few more weeks. The downside is that I have maybe three to five fruits a day. Enough for the dessert, but before I gather a small bowl to try out any of my recipes, there is just a few left.
The image today was difficult to take. I wanted to show the fading plants, and was not having any luck with finding a composition. I directed camera towards this fruit almost getting ready to call it a night. I was photographing previously in the better lit part of the garden, so the image came underexposed. But it reminded me of some classical paintings of still life somehow. Warm tones, contrasting red subject, dark mood. So I went with it.