Pizza garden- week 3

Now, when I gave up on the first two pots and seeded the second set, the first one finally started to grow. Certainly what helped is the fact that the rain came and watered them better or more systematically than me with my watering can. Also, for three days there was 90F. And those plants just springed up! It was unbelievable to observe it grow basically from hour to hour.
It is raining again today, so the drop on the plant is all natural. Well, last week’s photo also had a natural drop, from watering :). If I used spray bottle, is what I would not consider natural.
It looks we might get some peppers and tomatoes for pizza after all.

This project is perfect so far for my new macro lens. It is so much fun working with it. I am not using tripod, for blog I feel comfortable just rising ISO and shoot from different positions and see what works best. I also started to focus manually, the autofocus works, but cannot foresee where I want to put the focus. And sometimes, I would just pull it or push it a bit, to have more of the plant sharp. Well, learning.