Today’s post is a personal take on Eli Reinholdtsen portfolio of reflections. I did an extensive review of her e-book yesterday. Until last weekend, I don’t think I appreciated entirely that taking an interesting urban reflection can be such a challenge. But I chose it as one of my shooting ideas for Saturday’s Worldwide Photowalk. It was organized downtown Rybnik, and I thought I will have a lot of opportunities. But when I was walking down the promenade, observing people and situations happening in front of many window displays, nothing struck me as a photograph worthy. The only thing which saved the project was presence of puddles after the rain. It is far easier to find an interesting reflection in the puddle.
What I like about the image is its almost monochrome feel of the water and the street cobble stones, contrasting with bright yellow color of the building in the reflection. And the three windows, perfectly asymmetrical.