Purple gerbera

When I was looking for an image in purple for this week’s #MacroMonday, I thought about this gerbera shoot from last winter. There is something which brings me back to those images, over and over again. The way the petals are bend in this flower, it makes me think of the importance of the gesture in the photographs.

I visualized this image with a slight metal texture and less then saturated colors. I do not add texture to images all that often, so I used Two Minute Tip from Nicolesy to get it done quickly. The source of texture? You can find them easily on Deviant Art, this particular one is by Wojtar-Stock.

There is something in the textured images of flowers which I really like. As if the texture was adding some edge to delicate petals of flowers, accenting the color subtleties? Just look at the work of Mandy Disher, and see for yourself if it inspires you.