Raptor Center

To walk off some of Christmas overeating, we went off to re-visit the Raptor Center, not far away from the place we live. It is a part of Macbride NatureĀ  Recreation Area. The weather was rather stable, which is not happening often recently. I was counting on the some opportunities to photograph birds. I didn’t took into consideration how troublesome the cages might be, but not being pressed by time helped and I could make many photograph until I was happy with the results. The other aim was to make a short photo essay, by choosing from all the photographs only four, which will tell the story of the place. It was hard to pick up certain photos above the others, maybe that’s why the limit of 4 is suggested as an exercise. I had many photos of different bird species- owls, kestrels, hawks, eagles. There is also a bird blind with its variety, and ubiquitous here deers… But after some consideration, I made my picks.